Studio Delme

Aardman Games

Wallace & Gromit's 

Blast Off

Design / Branding

I had the pleasure of working with Aardman and their fun and recognisable characters. 

I created new game elements and assets, for a set of engaging TiVo and Facebook Messenger games. From key game screen visuals and branding for client sign off, before expanding the game screens into the full user experience, subsequently creating all the assets for the programmers build.

A space maze. A maze in space? Amazin’ space! Navigate your way safely from start to finish, gathering up bonus crackers and avoiding the black holes. Much like real life.

Game logo

Shaun the Sheep's

Ice Cream Baa

Design / Branding

The Ice Cream Baa is full of sheep that have herd about your utterly delicious flavours, serve them up as quick as you can or ewe will be sacked!

Shaun the Sheep's

Connect Fur

Design / Branding

We are transported to the farm for a rural game of four-in-a-row. Choose your player and get connecting. Didn’t ewe do well, here’s a pat on the head for the farmyard king. There are 7 characters to choose from, including Bitzer, The Farmer and of course Shaun himself. We’ve got a high score table to track everyone’s progress, and there are loads of achievements to reach, with great badges to collect. Shaun the Sheep Connect Fur is available on Amazon Fire TV around the world.